A Study on Performance Evaluation of Dinesh Mills Ltd


  • Dr. Sanjay J. Bhayani Associate Professor Department of Business Management (M.B.A. Programme) Saurashtra University, Rajkot, Gujarat, India.
  • Dr. Butalal Ajmera Assistant Professor Department of Business Administration Bhavanagar University, Bhavanagar, Gujarat, India.


Performance Evaluation, Financial Analysis


This paper aims at evaluating the performance of Dinesh Mills Ltd in terms of comparative and common size income statements. The trend is also projected for the next five years. The study reveals that there was a significant increase in the reported net profit during the year 2006-07. This was because of significant reduction in the in the material cost and employee cost. There was also economy There is also economy in power and fuel cost during the same period. The company has to pay more attention in maintain/reducing power and fuel so as to have increased wealth to the shareholders.


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