Job Satisfaction of Municipal Government Employees with Particular Reference to Padmanabhapuram Municipality


  • Dr. M. Uma Maheswari Assistant Professor of Commerce S.T. Hindu College, Nagercoil, Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu, India.


Job, Job Satisfaction, Municipal Employees, Job factors


Job satisfaction is to assess how people feel about their jobs. It is a key aspect to make employees more productive, innovative and committed. There are various internal and external factors that affect the workers job satisfaction. Though, similar facilities are provided to all the employees in government sector, the level of satisfaction can vary at the individual level. The scope of the present study is limited to analyzing the job satisfaction among the employees of Padmanabhapuram municipality in Kanyakumari District. The study has three objectives that are, to study the profile of the respondents, to analyse the job related aspects and to determine the factors influencing job satisfaction of the respondents in the study area.

The study includes primary and secondary sources. Primary data have been collected with the help of the interview schedule from 60 respondents through simple random sampling method. The secondary data were gathered from the past records of the municipality, books, journals and websites. Statistical tools such as percentages, Friedman Rank Test and Factor Analysis were used for data analyses. It was found that the foremost reason for preferring government job is good salary followed by job security. The dominant percentage of the respondents were in sanitary and public health department. Factors analysis revealed that job related factor and economic factors primarily influence the level of satisfaction. Factors influencing job satisfaction can be frequently measured to find out the areas of satisfaction and dissatisfaction among the employees. Thus, higher the satisfaction of employees, effective will be the performance of the organization.


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