Capacity Utilization of Micro and Small Enterprises in Kadapa District


  • Dr. Puli. Subramanyam Assistant Professor, Dept. of Management Studies, KMM Institute of Postgraduate Studies, Tirupati, India.
  • Prof. B. Ramachadra Reddy Department of Commerce, S. V. University, Tirupati, India.


Capacity Utilization, DIC (District industrial centre), Kadapa, MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium


In the era of fast changing developments, with the global economy linkages, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, faces several challenges as well as opportunities. The active role played by the MSMEs in the process of development of Modern Economies is widely accepted. All indicators reveal that MSMEs are yet to develop. The study selected Kadapa District of Andhra Pradesh, to study the capacity utilization level in micro and small enterprises. A sample of 153 micro and small industrial units was selected from among the 1527 registered industrial units with the District industries Centre. The study used both primary and secondary data. Primary data was collected through a schedule. Secondary data was collected from books and journals. The study considered the location of the units, capacity utilization, reasons and measures for capacity underutilization of the units. The study identified that there is no relationship between the location of units and the extent of capacity utilization.


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