Online Shopping behaviour in Visakhapatnam City


  • S.Ranjit Kumar Faculty Member, Department of Management Studies Andhra University Campus, Kakinada, India.


Online Shopper, Online Shopping, Consumer Behaviour, Internet users


This paper is an attempt to study the online shopping behaviour in Visakhapatnam city.  What extent the respondents appreciate contribution of online shopping in daily life and whether the Internet users in Visakhapatnam are just online surfers or understood the utility of Internet in meeting their needs and demands of shopping. Online purchase acceptance increased when users perceived a streamlined transaction process. While ease of order placing, payment and delivery procedures were key to user acceptance, shoppers surveyed viewed the transaction process as initiating with product search on the site.  All types of stores have retail web sites, including those that do and do not also have physical storefronts and paper catalogues Online shopping is a type of electronic commerce used for business – to – business (B2B) and business – to – consumer (B 2 C) transactions. The various aspects of online shopping like quality, products, price and bargaining online, advertisements etc., are discussed


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