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The purpose of the journal is to further the understanding of the theory and practice of business studies by publishing articles of interest to practitioners and scholars.</p> <p> </p> <p><strong> Call for Papers - Volume XIV, Issue 2, May 2023</strong></p> <p> Please submit to <a href=""></a> or<strong> <a href="">Click here</a> </strong>as per<strong> <a href="">Submission Guidelines</a></strong></p> Educational Research Multimedia & Publications en-US Indian Journal of Commerce and Management Studies 2249-0310 An Overview of Technology Acceptance and Adoption Models in the aftermath of COVID-19 <p><strong>Purpose:</strong> Technology adoption and its acceptance models have been investigated in different perceptions, encompassing various variables that suit the needs and requirements of the end user. It is important for the decision-makers, think tanks and the technology developers to assess the need, rationale and importance for the technology before its development and also plan to develop, market and make it reach the end user. During COVID-19, technology has heavily helped the global communities to stay connected, educate themselves, get medical help, conduct business, do governance, and develop ideas and many more. In this background, technology adoption and its acceptance, especially after COVID-19, needs to be investigated in detail. <strong>Methodology: </strong>Various factors tend to exert their impact on adoption as well as acceptance of the technology among the customers in terms of technological, personal, social, environmental and economic factors. The current study analyses various technology acceptance models in this research paper and its application in various domains such as education, healthcare, agriculture, Fintech, and security. <strong>Findings:</strong> The current review encompasses a brief discussion of the technology acceptance models while it presented an overview of its applications in various domains, especially after COVID-19 pandemic. This paper has found knowledgeable insights about the impact of COVID-19 upon technology adoption since the pandemic has changed the way how people live, communicate, do business, and thrive. <strong>Implications:</strong> The study also lists out the scope for future studies due to the advancements in technologies and the increasing penetration of technology across the globe. The future studies must focus on advanced technology adoption models as per the ever-changing environment. Some of the potential application areas must be investigated in detail such as cloud computing, IIoT, Artificial Intelligence, Block chain, Virtual and Augmented reality, Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning techniques etc. <strong>Originality:</strong> Though various studies have reviewed technology acceptance and adoption models, the current study is a first-of-its-kind attempt in the aftermath of COVID-19.</p> Dr. Arif Anjum Copyright (c) 2023 ERM Publications, India 2023-01-31 2023-01-31 14 1 01 10 An Overview on the Role of Innovation in Making Sustainable and Future-Ready Businesses <p><strong>Purpose:</strong> Innovation is the key to success for businesses and it remains a crucial element in the sustainable development of the entrepreneurship activities across the globe. It is characterized by the creative capacity of invention as a source of socio-cultural and technological change. In this background, the current review provides an overview of innovative business practices, enablers and the factors that prevent the business owners to innovate new product/service offerings, role of innovation among the SMEs, impact of innovative business practices in the aftermath of COVID-19. <strong>Methodology:</strong> No comprehensive review has been made in this domain though the researchers have focused on the concepts of innovation and business practices separately. The current study is an important contribution to the research domain as it holistically approaches the concept, its application and the takeaway for future. <strong>Findings:</strong> The research article reviewed the studies conducted earlier and discussed the innovative practices followed in different domains and how the existing studies handled the concept of innovation in business. The paper also discussed about green innovation concepts and the concept of business innovation in India since India emerges as a vibrant nation after COVID-19. <strong>Implications:</strong> As per the India Innovation Index 2021, India is yet to tap the potential areas. With loads of opportunities yet to be unleashed, India must bring policy measures to make business innovations, a norm. It has increased continuously in the ladder of innovative start-up environment provider, though there is a scope for further growth in this regard.</p> Dr. Ravinder Rena Copyright (c) 2023 ERM Publications, India 2023-01-31 2023-01-31 14 1 11 18