Corporate Governance Practices in South Asia: A Comparative Study of India and Nepal


  • Prof. Dr. Arhan Sthapit Professor and Dean at Faculty of Management & Law, Nepal Open University, Nepal
  • Dr. Rashesh Vaidya Visiting Faculty, Faculty of Management & Law, Nepal Open University, Kathmandu, Nepal


Corporate governance, financial crisis, financial scandal, Nepal, India, stability, shareholder, stakeholder, transparency


Purpose: The present study examines on the corporate governance (CG) practices prevalent in India and Nepal, as Corporate Governance emphasizes on fairness, transparency, accountability and responsibility.. The present study is an attempt to add value to this domain since no previous study comparing the CG practices in these countries was so far. Problem: India and Nepal had their own share of financial crises and problems besetting the trust of investors while the former took several measures to instil trust among the stakeholders, shareholders, regulatory bodies and the public. Nepal, on the other hand, has taken initiatives in the late 2010s and is expected to fulfil the intended objectives. The present study compares and contrasts the CG practices in these two countries. Methodology: The present study is a narrative review that encompasses data from the published articles, government data, external affairs ministry, standard organizations, books, research papers etc. Further, the present study also theoretically analyses the gap and provides suggestions to the policy makers. Findings: From the theoretical analyses, it can be inferred that although both countries experienced with financial scandals, India has been a forerunner in installing CG practices widely and gained edge compared to Nepal. On the other hand, Nepal has taken the necessary initiatives to move forward in the corporate ladder with its manpower, closeness to India both geographically and politically, and vibrant economy. Originality: The present study is a first of its kind attempt to compare the corporate governance practices between India and Nepal while the future studies should focus on CG practices in all SAARC countries as well.


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